Every home needs to ensure its water is safe for drinking. A water filter can be an affordable way to do this, but you need to ensure it functions correctly. If you put off changing your water filter for too long, it can worsen the problem by contaminating your tap with bacteria and other harmful substances. Water filters are designed to remove particles from water that could be harmful if consumed – like chlorine or fluoride. Some of these filters may remove other toxic substances like lead or mercury, which is an incredibly high risk for young children who may swallow it after playing near a contaminated surface such as a painted wall containing lead-based paint.

So What Is the Best Way to Check the Filter Is Working Correctly?

It’s important to replace water filters regularly to ensure they remove the harmful substances in the water. Bacteria build up on the filter and can lead to unpleasant odors, so it’s crucial not to delay replacing it. If you do fail to replace your filter, you might not know if there are high levels of bacteria in your water, which could make you sick. Water filters may also wear out. Because they are exposed to harmful particles in water, they can wear out over time like any other piece of equipment. If you live in an area where your water contains high toxic substances, it may be best to replace the filter periodically.

How Often to Change the Refrigerator Water Filter?

Tangled up in office work, they don’t realize they haven’t changed refrigerator water filters in months. A small handmade calendar can be a great idea that could be glued to a refrigerator door. When seen daily, none of the family members will forget this task, and eventually, it will become a practice.

As life is full of happening, it is understandable if people forget to change the refrigerator water filter. You can ease yourself by setting a reminder on your phone, which reminds you to change the refrigerator water filter after a particular time. Clean and contamination-free water is very vital for health. Any negligence in water consumption can lead you to stomach infections, etc.

Is It Essential to Change the Water Filter?

Keeping hygiene in consideration, it is essential to time change the water filter. If the same filter is used for an extended time, at some point, it will stop playing its role for which it was inserted. It will eventually stop filtering the contaminants, which may harm your stomach. Also, after few days, the water will have a foul taste and an unacceptable smell. Hence, changing the water filter is of immense importance. 

What Is the Right Time to Change the Water Filter?

Generally, it is instructed to change the filter after every six months if the consumption is average. Whereas, according to the manufacturer, if there is more consumption, the filter should be changed more often. 

Signs Your Existing Water Filter Gives When It Needs to Be Changed:

Learn How to Change Water Filter


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The human body significantly requires water. If not clean, it plays the opposite role. Instead of benefitting our bodies, it makes us sick. Hence, ensure that you and people around you drink clean and contamination-free water. For this, change the filter after every six months.


Do I need to change my refrigerator water filter? 
Yes! One of the family members should be responsible for checking and changing the water filter. The refrigerator water filter should be changed on time because consumption of unfiltered water can be dangerous. Suppose the same filter is used for a more extended period. In that case, it will stop functioning because the water supply valve gets clogged and can lead to other issues such as water dispenser pressure and ice formation will reduce. Hence to eliminate such problems, change your refrigerator water filter after every six months.

Can an old water filter make you sick? 
When a water filter gets old, it stops filtering contaminants from the water. Water quality reflects on a person’s health. Consumption of unfiltered water leads to the intake of toxins that end up making you sick.